It’s 2020 betches & you bet your arse I’ve got some resolutions! 
I can’t hide it; I’m definitely one of those people that get a ton of motivation at the start of a new year – and this year was a double whammy. New Year and New Decade??! See ya 2019.
This past year was definitely a challenging one. Looking back, 2019 was quite the mental and emotional journey for me. As much as it sucks to admit, my anxiety really peaked this past year and I sort of went into this auto-pilot mode of just going through the motions. Although it was rough at times, I’ve learned a whole lot & am ready to manifest some greatness, achieve some goals & maintain all the happiness.
So I’m sharing my version of a simple New Year’s Resolution guide below. Jot down these points on a piece of paper or type them up in your iPhone notes, and put down the first thoughts that come to mind.
  • I want to start
  • I want to stop
  • I want to learn
  • I want to try
  • I want to continue
  • I want to be
Make one list total; or if you’re that person (which is completely fine to be that person) make as many versions of this list as you want. Create one for each aspect of your life you want to make improvements in – health, relationships, habits, etc. And don’t forget to revisit this list throughout the year to remind yourself why you started.