Hello! Its been a bit since the last post but ya girl is back!

I like to think I live my life around the phrase ‘appreciate the little things.’ & word on the street is, life goes pretty fast so I try to practice gratitude as often as possible. I’m totally guilty of giving things so much more value than what they are worth & it may fuel my shopping addiction but hey… 🤷🏽‍♀️

My favorite part of every day is the sunset. I have always loved sunsets & the colors they give off. Every sunset is different – sure there’s a sunset every day – but the cloud coverage & colors/vibrance change e’rry day baby!!

I may or may not be known for screaming at sunsets out of excitement & abruptly stopping vehicles to take some pics – sorry friends + fam lol.

A total mood booster for me is taking a drive on some country roads during golden hour. HIGHLY recommend. If you’re looking for some jams, I’ve got the perfect sunset drive playlist for you.
Check out my playlist below if ur cool