Hey everyone! So recently I bought an awesome gently-used treadmill from @EarthReclaimers and have been running pretty consistently – major big deal if you know me – I have never been a long distance runner! At first I started running to tone up for the summer but the more I ran, the more I realized how much of a mental impact it had. Personally, running is the best stress reliever.

A big running inspiration for me has always been my mom. She has been running long distance almost daily for years and is one of the most disciplined people I know… She also has a great taste in music – in fact, a few of the songs below came straight from my mama.

For me, music is the most important part of my run. I run my best when I’m listening to pop/dance house music through ear buds or headphones. A loud consistent beat will keep me moving even when I’m completely exhausted.

I would consider myself to be a deep thinker and, hence, tend to be a bit of an over thinker. Running takes me to a place where I focus entirely on pushing myself to my absolute max, both mentally and physically. After each run, I feel strong and accomplished. (If you have me on Snapchat – thanks for putting up with all my treadmill stories!)

So if you’re a runner or someone just looking for some new songs, check out some of my favorite upbeat jams below!

Preview my current running playlist here or listen to the full playlist on Spotify!